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Get a tumbyPage for any Tumblr on the planet.

What's a tumbyPage? Give us any Tumblr's name. See the magic.

Use the first part only of a Tumblr URL for the name like this:
tumblrname = tumblrname

Don't know a Tumblr's URL or it's using a custom domain?
No problem—leave it blank and hit Enter or Go and you'll get a Help Page.

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Who's liking and reblogging your Tumblr content?
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tumbyHover in your Dashboard

Quickly and easily discover more about who's liking and reblogging your content. You just may want to follow, reblog, or ask them a question.

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Where can you use tumbyHover?

Use it on virtually any link to any Tumblr on the planet—anywhere.

Here's the latest list.

Enjoy tumbyHover in lots of places—the list keeps growing.

  • Tumblr Pages & Dashboard
  • Google+
  • RebelMouse
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • TweetDeck
  • reddit
  • Muck Rack
  • digg
  • pocket
  • …we're adding more daily!

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tumbyHover is awesome on reddit.

Enjoy tumbyHover on links to any Tumblr on the planet you find in any subreddit—and more.

Here's how.
tumbyHover for reddit

Enjoy tumbyHover on links to any Tumblr on the planet you find in any subreddit.

See that Tumblr's newest stuff quickly and easily—with a simple hover—without leaving your page.


  • Post titles
  • Post sources
  • Links in comments
  • Flair that points to a Tumblr
  • Works with standard Tumblr domains ( and with custom domains that point to Tumblrs.
  • …let us know if you need more!

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Snack-sized videos to help you get more from Tumby.
Project 03

tumbyProTip | How does that tumbyPage URL work?

Here's how to modify the tumbyPage URL to quickly switch its source Tumblr. Yes, you can use those URLs to build links that will build tumbyPages for any Tumblr on the planet.

About Us

"The cobbler's kids never have shoes."

Tumby Founder Robert Buckley commenting on our website in August 2013.

We've been so ferociously focused on building and delivering Tumby innovations that we've ignored a traditional website presence. Oops.

We're fixing that. And, we'll do our best to make your visits worthwhile.

Meanwhile—as we continue to create the standard stuff you expect at a website—here's an excerpt from an interview we did with Michael Cervieri, founder of The Future Journalism Project, for some of our backstory.

What discoverability issues are you trying to tackle, and how do you go about doing it?

Robert Buckley: Let me start by answering “why”. There’s a treasure trove of stuff already on Tumblr and more arriving by the minute. The challenge is it’s difficult and time-consuming to find. That’s true for folks who are already in the Tumblrverse and more so for folks outside of it. The stereotype of Tumblr being the land of animated cat GIFs and porn is true for too many.

The reality is there’s lots of serious, meaningful, and relevant “adult material”—yes, pun intended—ready and waiting for you. There’s awesome stuff that spans interesting subject matter including journalism, photography, art, news, politics, culture, history, and lots more. We don’t want you to miss the good stuff and we make it easy for you to avoid the bad. There’s room for fandoms but it should not be at the risk of obscuring work like yours at The FJP.

We do this by sticking with our vision to innovate new ways to make it easier and quicker to discover, enjoy, and share content. That’s a win for the consumers and a win for the producers.

How? Make it easier to triage the stuff most relevant to one’s particular interests. Make it easier to find stuff focused on specific subject matter.
Make it easier to consume and to share it so the content producers get more amplification. Make it easier to prolong the content’s shelf-life, so deserved by its producers for their efforts. Make it easier to introduce the Tumblrverse to outsiders—they just may join the party and create Tumblrs that add value too.


Tumby | Black Box Warning

If you experience excitement that lasts more than 4 hours using Tumby you do not need to seek medical attention but you should consider taking a break.

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Your right to privacy is important to us. We only collect information that you knowingly supply to us through email, form completions, or telephone conversations. All information collected is protected against unauthorized access or release. We do not sell, rent, or loan any identifiable personal information to any third party. Information is only released if we are required to do so legally. By using our website and Tumby products, you consent to the collection and use of this information by Tumby only. Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. We will post any privacy policy changes on this page or by other means deemed necessary. We will also keep prior versions of this Privacy Policy in an archive for your review.

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